Blogging – A new world…

Okay so this is the start to my blank canvas. Still pretty new to this blogging thing and totally being a wannabe blogger but hey I’ll be learning as I go along!

Why am I blogging? Well I don’t know in all honesty! There’s nothing all that to my life. It is pretty average; consisting of me waking up, going to uni, eating (#foodiealert), and (trying to think of more but failing🙄)…just laughing at anything and everything?

I enjoy writing. It helps me take off some of the weight off of my shoulders (hello overthinking mind) and just gather my thoughts I guess. Although no one has seen them to date. 

Anyways, I’m pretty much just going to be writing about anything and everything (because I can😬). Bear with me while I try and discover a non existent niche of this blog…

Also drop me a message and let me know if there’s anything I should do etc etc. you know the drill! Would love to hear from you and know of your experiences with blogging.



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