Hello, again. Life update.

Oh its been a while since I’ve blogged (doesn’t mean I haven’t read other blogs in that time though!). Its also been a crazy few months… Starting off, I graduated from uni, Alhumdulillah!! Finally managed to get a 1st class honours degree in Business Studies with Law. I couldn’t have done it without certain people and the belief they had in me. Currently missing going to the Teviot Bar for nachos with my friends <3. Buuuut I’m currently delaying the adult life for as long as possible as I’m back to uni 🙄. Decided to go back and do an MSc in International Development. The decision to go back was also so last minute; I submitted my application like seconds before the deadline! Drowning in assignments and student loan at this very moment (procrastinating by updating everyone on my life instead). My aunty and uncle came here for a couple of days after my graduation so a day trip to the north of Scotland was a must! I actually cannot get over how beautiful Scotland is. If you’ve never been here then you are missing out! Also, my best friend got married alhumdulillah! It feels so nostalgic going past her house every day and knowing she’s not in but hey ho, it’s life, right!?! I met her last week though and she, with another one of my best friends, organised a little birthday surprise for myself and two other friends. It was so sweet and unexpected of them! 💕 and then we spent the rest of the night watching her wedding clips and gossiping… as usual! Straight after the wedding (and I mean like 3 hours after), I went to London with my family for a quick, three nights break. It was sooo tiring, especially after the month long of wedding and dancing prep and the week of sleepless nights, but it was still really worth it! We were staying in central which was great, less travelling times is always better! We toured around quite a bit, including a visit to the Madame Tassauds Museum and The London Eye. I fell ill quite badly too amidst Madame Tassauds Museum but I think it was the downing coffee and over tiredness that got to me! One of my closest friends from unj also happened to be in London too so I got to meet her which was amazing! We went to this Middle Eastern restaurant on Edgware Road, which was okaaayish, but hey ho! I also met my aunty and cousins on one of the days too (in the process of convincing them to come here now😋) and ended up staying like the entire day and night which was great! Yummy food and overeating is must when you visit family! On the final day, I had to make a quick visit to Selfridges and just while I was on Bond Street, I got an email confirming the acceptance of my application for the MSc programme. And then finally the flight back to Edinburgh. A few weeks after coming back, we find out my cousins wife was coming here to join him. The week or so before that was literally spent decorating the house… Which actually took a lot longer than I thought it would. And then finally the day she comes here and the little get together. Everything went well alhumdulillah and they’re happily settled now 😊 Clearly I’ve had a really busy summer. I might actually make individual post’s and post pictures on my summer, or I may not, we’ll see. But a fews weeks later and here I am, half asleep on the sofa, setting the alarm for an 8am gym session and then hit that good old essay for uni. Until then, goodnight xxx


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